Inspired by incredible works of Ukrainian favorite naïve artist — Maria Prymachenko. We are a fully Ukrainian team, no wonder that the recent loss of works saddened us deeply. We decided to commemorate her legacy in this small puzzle challenge.

What it does

Our 15 puzzle allows users to browse a selection of Prymachenko's paintings and play a 15 puzzle with the one that the user chooses. App also has sections about the artist and basic info about each painting to educate users who know nothing of Maria's legacy.

How we built it

We revamped key elements of the sample code while adding more animations, extra screens, and designs on top of it.

Challenges we ran into

All artworks are provided by WikiArt(under the fair use license). Naturally, we wanted to use its API. However, for the web platform, we ran into the CORS security problem, which is unsolvable without backend API modification. We decided to save all the artworks as JSON and ship them in the app bundle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall project UI/UX, especially on mobile. Support for drag user gestures, which was a bit tricky to implement.

What we learned

We learned a ton about Flutter web and mobile differences, a few new widgets, and of course, we learned a lot about the artist.

What's next for Maria Primachenko legacy 15 puzzle

We want to fix the CORS issue by adding a proxy server that would communicate both with WikiArt API and Puzzle App in the correct way to make the app more dynamic. Also, we want to polish animations and UX for the puzzle.

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