The onset of menstruation coincides with new opportunities and vulnerabilities. Poor menstrual hygiene is one of the major reasons for the high prevalence of Reproductive Tract Infections and contributes significantly to female morbidity. But a proper track record of the menstrual cycle can help reduce many such problems.

What it does

Margo is a product created uniquely for females to track their periods, notify their loved ones about their mood, discuss and chat with other females for common menstrual issues and shop for menstrual hygiene products.


Margo is powered by passwordless authentication system of SawoLabs API. Users get to experience a hassle-free login system by just entering their email addresses and the one time password they receive on their emails. No more remembering and forgetting passwords!


The period tracker is one of the main features of this application. It offers you a nice visual display and keeps a track of your menstrual cycle, predicts your next menstrual cycles and offers you a chance to edit your cycle and period length.


The pamper booth has specially been built because each woman deserves everything. When women are menstruating, the pain of the period cramps becomes unbearable at times. The pamper booth offers two unique features:

  • Mood based playlists : Spotify playlists are generated based on the mood you have for the day. There are four options to choose from - in pain, okayish, good and, like a queen.
  • Notifying your loved ones : There is an option to email your loved ones by typing their email in the input form. An email with instructions on how you can take care of your loved one will be sent to that email address.


The discussion forum is powered by a custom built API by the team which is powered by machine learning where profane words have been censored. The aim of this discussion forum is to create a safe space for all the ladies to openly discuss their issues and concerns regarding their menstrual health and hygiene.
The discussion form is primarily built on the belief of "one for all and all for one".


We have built another API which grabs articles from the internet regarding menstrual hygiene and displays them on our website to increase the awareness and the knowledge of the women visiting our web application.


The Margo shop is home to a plethora of products. Excellent quality sanitary napkins, pantyliners, menstrual cups, tampons, intimate washing solutions and a lot more available at the best prices here. The shop is going to function like any other e-commerce platform which becomes the basis of our business model.


To offer the women a chance to connect with their loved ones and/or someone from the discussion forum, we have integrated instant video calling system using API where one user can call the other user and upon the acceptance of the call, both of them will be connected and can have a live discussion amongst themselves.

How we built it

  • Frontend - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
  • Backend - Express, Node mailer
  • API used - Sawo labs, Agora
  • Machine Learning - Python
  • UI/UX Designing - Figma / Photoshop
  • Motion Designing - Adobe Premiere Pro / Adobe After Effects
  • Others - Git/Github, Postman The web application is built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have used SAWO API, Agora, Spotify API, self-built APIs, machine learning models and web scraping to power our web application.

Challenges we ran into

During the development process we faced the following challenges:

  • In the given time constraint, the development of the complete product posed a major challenge for us. But it allowed us to understand the essence of Time Management and Organised Working. The deployment of APIs for the articles on Heroku presented a lot of issues. However, thanks to online communities, StackOverflow, we were able to find resources that helped us in successfully deploying the APIs.
  • Integration of API to the web page was also a challenge for us but eventually, we were able to conquer the challenge.
  • All these challenges were less of challenges and more of lessons, lessons to help us have an even better development process in the future so that we can incorporate the customers' requests and requirements easily and efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Period Tracking can help avoid an unplanned pregnancy or even help determine the right time for a baby. For women who are trying to avoid pregnancy, it can be used as natural birth control. The menstrual cycle is a direct indicator of overall health, and periods are the body's way of telling that things are working as they should.

What we learned

Through project Margo, we learned about the various aspects of Menstrual Health and Hygiene and the process of making static web pages to building and deploying full-stack web applications.

What's next for Margo

The web application can be improved by adding the following features:

  • More personalized and featured Discussion Forum
  • Extensive network for shopping the products
  • Doctor and Gynaecologist appointment network
  • Use to process chats and video call to know about user health and mood then suggest things accordingly.

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