Working data for several alternative energy projects, and oil and gas projects I decided that creating a platform to get paid for the analysis and development of data for the consumer and project managers.

What it does

Your city is developing proposals for pipeline development and your organization wants to present findings of oil and gas pipeleine delivery vs the solar powered station in California. Your group signs into the platform and requests funding and data sites, propsal information to send to the voters and City Council.

How I built it

I have designed and built several energy applications using various data sites, including city of New York, federal data and other alternative energy sites for production, growth, projected developments, user trends et all.

Challenges I ran into

The usual challenges of keeping data synchronized and platform development and structuring project development,.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finding technology to reach an audience and make their decisions profitable and informative.

What I learned

How powerful technology is in developing platforms to communicate and nurture growth and responsible design.

What's next Eco projects for MongoDB

Built With

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posted an update

For example NYC created a number of solar power charging stations through out the city in 2015. These have vanished, not cost effective? Nice to discover problems with these solar powered sites through New York City, and reinvest in a new design project. Contact Empire reports, and City Agencies, update apps on this information on NYC solar power transforming to Alternative power sources.

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