Inspiration. I was inspired to go into farming as a results of where I find my self, that is working in a deprived area as a midwife and witnessing series of accidental poisoning at the facility as a results of misuse of agrochemicals.

What it does. We produce vegetables and educate farmers on the precautions during application of chemicals

How I built it. I built it by Consulting farmers from the Community and also collaborated with the agric Extension officers.

Challenges I ran into. My challenge is that as I'm in the deprived area is difficult for those there to understand and follow the instructions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of. I'm proud that I've been able to collaborate with some NGOs to come on board to educating the farmers.

What I learned. I learnt that wrong application of agrochemicals affects both the farmer and consumer

What's next for duolagro. To produce more vegetables across the Country.

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