Before we could begin coding at YHacks, all members of the team had to find each other. The crowd was loud, large, and we were lost, which was the perfect combination for an endless search. When we all eventually met up, our story of exasperation led to the creation of our webapp.

Marcoyolo: like marco polo, but marco yo-lo (as in, "yo location"). Our webapp allows us to find our friends in the crowd by implementing the Yo API. We can search for people we want to find, send them a yo, and if the user who receives the yo accepts the request to find them, we determine the distance between them. As they move closer to their friend, the "yos" are sent more frequently.

We kept the design simple and matched it to that of the Yo app. This app is geared toward people of any age who own a device connected to the internet. With internet connection, they can go onto the website and begin their search.

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