Humble Beginnings

Fourier transform?  More like we-were-misinformed, because fourier transforms suck.  Yeah that's right, we spent 24 sleepless hours of our young lives building a microphone amplifier circuit.  Like an EE40 lab. 

Inspired by desperation, we thought "Hey! Let's make headsets that shows the vision of another person!" After a proof of concept consisting of running into each other while blinding ourselves with iPhones, the concept was more than proved.

After 10 grueling hours of SDK-reading, duct tape stealing, hack-grabbing, and back-stabbing, we had two cardboard headsets with iPhones that could reliably output the other camera's video and audio input, as well as a website that displays the inputs from both phones.

Intended for all the go-getters out there who don't bruise easily, we envision limitless fun with games such as:

  1. Race through the cluttered room!
  2. Marco polo!
  3. Dodgeball!
  4. Tag!
  5. Eye strain!

Equipped with audio-mute, microphone-mute, and exit-call, you have complete control over your out-of-body and inside-a-box experience. Presenting marcoPhono: Enjoy!

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