The inspiration behind this app was a mix of current events, the nation's increasingly divisive state, and our own personal stories. We are all socially motivated and involved individuals and want to find our own ways to contribute by 1) getting more people involved 2) propagating progress through technology.

What it does

March creates an online social application that gives interested activists a centralized platform to discover, organize, and participate in social movements. The platform includes a live photo feed that can only be accessed when attending the event, which will be measured by one's location within a certain radius. Anyone at that event can upload as well as attain photos taken by others at the event. This is a great way to encourage and increase turnout for organizations, as well as streamline media attention. Users can also rank their interests in events to tailor their specific application experience to prioritize events they might be interested in the most based off of a proprietary algorithm.

How we built it

We utilized Python for the backend work and the sorting/ranking algorithm for unique user experiences. We utilized Firebase to host our database. And we built the rest of the application on XCode.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge we ran to was incorporating work done in python to be functional in an IOS App.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud that we were even able to finish this project as this is the first hackathon for all of us. However, we are most proud that we were able to build such an amazing bond as a team, where each member came in as an individual.

What we learned

We learned what it was like to cooperate on a programming project with an extremely tight deadline.

What's next for March

If things go well, March might possibly expand into a business. The political sector is extremely inefficient as much of its technology is outdated, clunky, or flawed (ex: voting machines). A lot of organizations spend upwards of 20 dollars for voter/supporter acquisition and a cheap, simple, and centralized platform could increase efficiency, turnout, and organization for political movements.

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