This information had been adapted for the UHack 2019 competition. It is not intended to be a true reflection of March 4 Earth. Some information, such as the budget in the business canvas, has been altered to suit the needs of the competition. The video contains information on desirable or prospective partners - March 4 Earth makes no false claims of patronage and any copyright infringement is unintended. March 4 Earth is a real non-profit organisation and we hope to see you every March! Visit march4earth.com to sign up for announcements regarding the challenge.


Our peers are confused about what a carbon footprint is. They're sick of hearing the term 'climate change' but they do have a social conscience. They know something needs to be done but what? There's so much information out there!

That's why we've done all the work for them! We hope that by playing a game for 31 days, people can easily improve their lifestyle in little ways that adds up to long-term, big change.

Research shows that people who grew up in the 80s and 90s are less engaged in climate change, and that’s who we’re targeting.

What it does

March 4 Earth is a progressive web app, challenge and game with a fun 80/90s pop-culture spin.

The goal is to reduce your real-life carbon footprint for 31 days. Much like Plastic Free July or Movember, you can take part in the challenge and raise funds for your chosen environmental partner.

Like dieting apps that measure calorie intake and progress, the March for Earth web app will use visual graphs and charts to track a your impact.

You can log ‘Actions for Earth’ to reduce your footprint across the themes of Energy, Transport, Waste, Food and Clothing . You can earn “cred” by completing quizzes, daily challenges, mini-games and by taking part in real-life cred events, such as planting trees and clothes swaps.

How we built it

The website has been built in Wordpress and currently consists of a splash screen with the logo and a sign-up form. Wireframes have been developed in Lucidchart and Balsamic, and some artwork was created using Tasmania's own ProCreate app. A dedicated development agency will be hired in October 2019 to build on the work already done by the March4Earth team and our graphic designer.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately we had a team of two for most of the competition, and no one with pure dev skills which made completing the entry really challenging. Thankfully a lot of the business model had already been fleshed out. We're disappointed we can't get a working demo screen ready as well because the functionality is going to be really fun!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really excited by the idea that a game can help people reduce their own carbon footprint and support organisations who are sustainability and environment focused. We think this initiative fills a gap in the non-profit landscape and has real, practical benefits for communities who engage with the app.

We feel proud that we carried on with only two of us when we did consider throwing in the towel! While our team has design and business skills, we were able to learn enough about UX to do a useful plan for the functionality going forward.

It was also fun to get creative with the video, and spend some time getting back to our 80s and 90s roots.

What we learned

It's been great being part of this process because we learned how to do a good pitch, what we need to seek out experts for, and to not be afraid to consider different funding opportunities like partnering with local businesses (Thanks Mentor Nick!).

What's next for March 4 Earth

March4Earth is lucky - we've already receive some seed funding to begin working on the project from a local climate scientist. The grant covered graphic design and a basic website for promotional purposes. We've also partnered with one school, Bayview High, and hope to get many more on board in the coming months. With these opportunities plus UHack, March4Earth has a real chance to push forward and be ready for a March event. We hope you will help us build our community! Sign up at our site below in 'Try it out'! We'll keep you up to date on developments and how you can participate in 2020.

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