Playcanvas hosted a monthly series of "Playhacks" in which people were given the starter assets with which they could make a game.

What it does

Its a short game which anyone can play so long as they have a WebGL supported browser.

How I built it

I spent around a month creating the game, I also only had a month's worth of Javascript and more specifically playcanvas programming knowledge up until this time. Playcanvas also gives users the option to download their game and run it locally, so I converted it into a chrome app.

Challenges I ran into

Because I was new to coding in general, everything I did was a challenge for me. However, the most challenging part of this project was converting it into an offline Chrome app. Chrome has many restrictions on its offline apps, especially concerning how to save data and I needed to accommodate for them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out how to run the application locally on Chrome without making any compromises was my proudest accomplishment. Since I was one of the first people on the Playcanvas platform to publish a game on the Chrome web store, I needed to figure everything out by myself and couldn't reference any outside resources. Now that my game reached a peak of 15,000 active users, I am glad that I decided to publish the game on the Chome Web Store.

What I learned

I learned how to use Playcanvas and how to approach problems from different angles.

What's next for Marbleous

Marbleous is finished and I don't foresee a sequel, but it definitely helped me to start with coding.

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