Harry Potter Fans Rejoice! A new exciting multi-player mobile app that sees you transport yourself into the mystical world of the Wizarding World. Travel with Marauder's Map from Harry Potter novels, create potions and spells to increase your skills. Fight dragons and the dark side, hunt your friends, and battle with spoken casting spells. Team up and let the true story unfold.

What it does

This game is an RPG that physically allows you to walk around the map hunting for ingredients to potions and spell recipes. Collect items using the latest in revolutionary tech photo recognition to make new recipes and cast spells using voice commands. Attack and defend on a turn based real time communication channel and use your phone to cast magic like the wand of a Master Wizard.

How we built it

Swift iOS mobile app front end with some exciting hand gesture recognition and UI design.

MapBox integration with intuitive mapping and overlays.

Watson Api for image recognition for spell ingredient items and voice recognition for spell casting. We made a fun twist requiring users to use fruit and veg spells for beginner level wizardry.

PubNub was used to create the exciting live real time battles to allow fluid interactive game play.

Our website even shows user movements! (Delayed of course ;)

Challenges we ran into

Azure server and Api setup for capturing user data and performance scoring. Watson Api requiring a url server image to validate and recognise images therefore requiring images be uploaded to a CDN.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design and the game app idea was exciting and fun to develop, the innovative tool sets of PubNub, Watson and MapBox really allow for a fully immersive game play. We love to power of Swift. We came together as a team though we had only met on the day, being the underdogs with mishmash of talents, creativity and skill, we bonded on the battle of tech with a united differential of nationality. A TechCrunch Hackerthon to remember

What we learned

PubNub was amazing, and the tech help, belief and knowledge of their platform was great.

What's next for

Silicon Valley Investor Pitching on Mondays TechCrunch.

Built With

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