628,521… was the total amount of reported criminal attacks against students on their ways to and from school in the US elementary, secondary & universities campuses on 2014. From this amount, around 40 were murders and almost 170,000 were classified as serious violent victimizations such as rape, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault. I see these numbers more than a mere statistics but lives that were marked because of an unfortunate event. So, How to improve our youngest’ safety? How to help them decide which is the safest path to their destination? or even better, How to watch their steps remotely?

We are living in such a dynamic world in which everything is evolving in a very fast pace, even the way crimes are committed. I believe that people’s collaboration can make powerful contributions. So the purpose is to design a community-based application that empowers ordinary citizens to fight victimization against pedestrians. As the next generation security threats expert, Marc Goodman, put it in words: “After all, public safety is too important to leave to the professionals”.

**Sources:* Office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Department of Education & The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).*

Identified Market Segment

Although this is an application for any pedestrian, I identified the following reasons for which GE Current and school’s campuses will be interested on this solution:

  1. On 2014 there were 628,521 victimizations against students on their ways to and from school.
  2. It is an excellent marketing strategy to expose young students and entrepreneurs to Predix.
  3. Concentrated amount of students with tech devices and sometimes distracted catching virtual creatures, making them target to crimes.
  4. Some campuses are spread across many blocks, making students to walk long distances to get into their destination.
  5. Enabling pedestrians to walk anytime and anywhere feeling safer.
  6. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2015) there were more than 50 millions students who attended public elementary and secondary schools on 2015. It is also known that between 2001 and 2013 on average 4% of students were reported being afraid of an attack or harm on the way to and from school. This makes at least 2 million students (plus their parents) likely to be interested in using the application.

**Source:* The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).*

What it Does

How useful would it be to own a magic map such as did Harry the wizard boy owned? A map that lets you visualize what is happening around the corner. Marauder mApp gives life to your route by enabling you and your virtual companion to watch your path in advance by leveraging on data streamed from outdoor streetlights.

Once you input your route, Marauder mApp will recommend you a path where GE Current streetlights are placed, enabling you to see real-time activity happening on your path and share it with a virtual companion. In case you think there is suspicious activity you can watch real-time pictures or videos streamed directly from streetlights’ cameras.

In addition to this, Marauder mApp is a community-based information map that shows real-time accidents, alerts, and other hazards shared by active users. Thanks to this you will be able to get route alerts helping you to find the best path with the least dangers. (This feature is not included on the Demo yet).


  • Primary category: Public Safety
  • Secondary category: Pedestrian Planning

MVP Testing Instructions & Features

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account - use a fake e-mail if preferred, works.
  3. Click on ‘Create Route’.
  4. Input ‘365-399 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, USA’ in the From text box[^1].
  5. Input ‘1402 K Street, San Diego, CA 92101, USA’ in the To text box[^1].
  6. Click on ‘Get Route’.
  7. MVP Demo Explanation
    • A map will show up at the top of the screen displaying the recommended route. The traced path indicates the three GE Current streetlights available as dots. Every time there is activity within the LED sensor’s range a location marker will pop-up. If you roll your mouse over any of these markers, the total count of people in the area will pop-up.
    • At the bottom of the screen, images streamed from the recommended route’s outdoor streetlights will be displayed.
  8. Share your route by clicking on ‘Share’.
    • If clicked on your cell phone will send the route link to any friend on Whatsapp[^2].
    • If clicked on a desktop browser, the share button will copy the route’s URL to the clipboard to be shared as needed.

[^1]: This is the only route that works on this MVP as the LED sensors are narrowed down to this area. [^2]: Whatsapp is supported as an example. Other messaging applications such as SMS, iMessage or Facebook Messenger can be added.

What’s Next for Marauder mApp

  • Enable active users to share real-time events, accidents, alerts, and other hazards.
  • Enable watcher (virtual companion) to recommend pedestrian to change route.
  • Application will ask pedestrian if everything is fine every other minute.
  • Notify watcher that the pedestrian has arrived to his destination.
  • Filter streamed camera images by selecting streetlight on the map.
  • Position the pedestrian being watched on the map. (Currently can be done but for demonstration purposes, since there are only 3 sensors in San Diego and I am in Mexico, this would never work).

How the Project was Built?

Marauder mApp is built on Javascript with Node.js, MongoDB and the Meteor Framework. This is used to create a lightweight web application that can be executed either on desktop or mobile and that can display information on real time.

To display the information, the project consumes three services: User Account and Authentication, Pedestrian Planning and Public Safety.

Challenges I Ran Into

The Cloud Foundry platform is complicated to set up with something that is different than the provided buildpacks. A personalized buildpack had to be crafted so the application could run on the platform. A full Linux setup or a Docker container would have made this a lot easier to configure.

Accomplishments that I’m Proud of

The project is able to trace routes that contain the GE Current streetlights and Cameras as way-points so that the route you take can be watched. The real time sharing of information is really powerful because the pedestrian does not need to have the phone on the hand, and suspicious activity is noted by the watcher, a message or a phone call will make them change the route.

What I Learned

Industrial IoT can be applied to the Smart City and help the community in things far more important than just information generation or preemptive maintenance. Making pedestrians more secure via IoT enabled hardware is something I find very interesting, and something I didn’t knew could have such a great impact.

Projected Use-Case

Alice wants to go from the University to her house late at night after a long study session. She pulls her mobile, opens Marauder mApp and enters her destination, she then decides to send a request to her friend Bob so that he can keep an eye on her journey home.

While Bob makes himself a sandwich, he gets a few pictures of Alice getting outside of the University from his home computer. Dinner in hand, he checks some images from a couple of blocks ahead of Alice. Seen everything looks fine he goes back to his dinner and starts reading a book.

Every few blocks the application asks Alice for a notification on how she's doing. Bob can look at images from cameras Alice has passed by while he enjoys his evening. (This feature is not included on the Demo yet).

After some time into his placid watch, Bob gets a notification to his mobile. Turns out some pedestrian activity has been detected some blocks away from Alice. With a few clicks Bob checks the images from around that area. It looks like a couple took out their dog for a night walk. He decides not to change Alice's suggested path and goes back to his dinner.

Once Alice gets home she sends a last notification to Bob thanking him for his watch. Bob sees Alice has arrived home safe while brushing his teeth, turns off his application and goes to sleep.

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