We are surrounded by unstructured data. Every 2 days we create as much information as we did up to 2003. We need information at the right place and time. One way of accomplishing that is to group messages by physical location.

Our solution is an app for geolocation based messaging.

The adventure component is a nice addition inspired by the Harry Potter movies.

What it does

Main Functionality: Leave messages tagged to a location that are only visible to your friends in the area.


  1. Security through reciting the secret spell using IBM Watson Speech-To-Text and PubNub Blocks
  2. Track your friends (that want to be tracked) in real-time

How we built it

  1. We used the Esri platform for the map and the markers.
  2. PubNub was used for user authorisation and message validation on a per-request basis.
  3. IBM Watson was used to unlock the secret map using the secret spell
  4. Our website,, was provided by Radix.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Working with Esri, specifically moving animations and layers.
  2. Implementing Geofencing
  3. Working on the mobile app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing 2 projects within the allotted time. Completing most of the functionality to the point where it is actually working to an acceptable standard.

What's next for Marauder's Map

While working on the app, we considered the idea of mixing hidden messages with ads as means of monetisation. We also considered adding different types of content like Video Chats and Gifts.

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