Inspired by days on the beach where you would rather explore than sit in the sun. Apps like geocaching and Pokemon Go inspired the design.

What it does

It allows you and everyone on the app to upload a photo and description of an animal you saw so that others can know what animals are in the area.

How we built it

We used the Flutter framework to create Mapwatch, so that it's available on both Android and iOS. The developers in the team are very new to using Flutter, so this was a challenge for us, as well as a great opportunity to learn something new. Additionally, we also used Cloud Firestore to store all of our data from the front-end.

For Google Cloud, we wanted to make sure that every code that we sent to our shared repository was working properly. In order to do that, we created a Compute Engine instance on Google Cloud Console.

Using 3 GitHub self-hosted runners that we configured manually onto the virtual machine, our code was continuously checked for any build errors. This build process was determined by the CI pipeline script that we also designed ourselves.

Challenges we ran into

This is Valerie and Matthew's first hackathon and they have started learning flutter last week, there were plenty challenges involving implementing flutter features along the way including map ID's and co-ordinate tracking. We also found that brainstorming a broad topic like surf's up was quite challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to complete this project and present the UI we desired. We are proud that we smoothly transitioned through app design to app development in the short time provided.

What we learned

We learned about front end and backend development in dart, how to work well in a team with both UI designers and programmers, and how to enjoy more than just the water at the beach.

What's next for Mapwatch

Mapwatch has many functionalities and can really help educate and connect people who enjoy exploration, animals, and photography. Since we have all been inside lately due to the pandemic, this is a great opportunity to launch an app that will encourage people to responsibly explore the wildlife of their neighborhoods or cities during the summertime.

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