Inspired by concept of food/healthcare deserts. Wanted to maximize efforts to help areas with insufficient access to resources.

What it does

Evaluate impact of new health center sites on accessibility of healthcare to target population.

How we built it

Applied publicly available data to identify low income areas and classify them based on population density and access to vehicles. Located HRSA Health Clinics. Used matlab to generate a set of points within target neighborhoods. Used python to make calls to google API to find closest health clinic for each target neighborhood. Found shortest transit time and generated heatmap using python. Able to add new health clinics to compare impact of different sites.

Challenges we ran into

Limited submissions to Google Maps API. Very difficult to track each target site within neighborhoods across datasets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of how much research we were able to do and how much data we could integrate into our system.

What we learned

Learned Flask and more about Python development. Learned about HRSA health clinics and the state of healthcare accessibility in Baltimore.

What's next for Maptimize?

Add different types of healthcare providers to maps. Expand map framework to locations beyond East Baltimore.

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