Maps Up

Ever been in a new city and felt lost? Were you looking down at your phone frantically looking for directions. Hopefully you didn't get in a car accident. That's why we made Maps Up!

Maps Up is a heads up display which doesn't compromise your experience of navigating to the places you need to go in life. It uses a NeoPixel LED matrix to display the information you need in your vehicle reflected off of your windshield to provide a heads up display!

We provide an Android service which can scrape Google Maps while its running to provide only the most important information at an eyes glance! No need to use a 3rd party app we know you don't want to use in the first place and those "OK Google" commands will still work!


  • Adafruit NeoPixel LED Matrix
  • Tensy 3.2 Microcontroller
  • RedBear BLE Nano
  • Adafruit TSL 2561 Luxometer

Visit the Github link for more instructions on getting started instructions!

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