The problem statement gave a nice usage of blockchain in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding

What it does

A platform that maps people's problems together and helps people to resolve their problems

How we built it

Initially, we were about the problem, but dividing work between each other gave a narrow domain for each one to explore

Challenges we ran into

Plotting the graph and making it clickable was the tough part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the mapping of people's problems and a way to render the same. We built a User-friendly environment for people to resolve and post problems, and integrated blockchain with it to make for crowdfunding.

What we learned

The main learning is that every person is connected to each other by their network of knowledge, finding a way to enhance this and get the better out of it a learning outcome. We explored a lot in blockchain world.

What's next for Mapsmap hackathon

We are planing to build a startup from this project.

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