In 2014, the average American's carbon footprint per person was 21.5 metric tons, which is a 7% increase in the last 25 years. So what can we, as humans do, in order to mitigate the effects? Photosynthesis, the process through which plants use light to create food, requires carbon dioxide, which helps to eliminate it from our environment. A solution to this would be to reintroduce local flora, based on what plants grow well in your area and ecosystem you live in. However, many people have been unsure or unsuccessful about what to plant in their region.

What it does

MapScape is a product that allows you to describe your region, sunlight, and soil type to find out what plants would best grow. Simply fill out this query and MapScape will suggest a set of plants that grow well in your location, as well as instructions on how to plant and care for them. Now, your role in helping to preserve the Earth’s natural resources is much simpler.

“Together we can and together we will.” Jane Goodall

How I built it

This product utilizes JavaFx and the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java to query a feature layer on ArcGIS Online for plant information that has been organized according to the zones in which the plant grows best in. The product queries the feature layer given certain conditions such as exposure to sunlight and soil type in order to give the user an idea of which plants would grow well.

Challenges I ran into

Developing the application with more flexibility (as in querying things online instead of just downloading the image).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The application works! And we created our presentation in StoryMaps.

What I learned

We learned good teamwork and how to divide the workload with what we were most familiar with. Some of us learned how to use ArcGIS Online, StoryMaps, and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java.

What's next for MapScape

We will continue to add more queries for the user as well as developing a mobile application.

Built With

  • agol
  • java
  • rest-api
  • storymaps
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