A friend of mine ask clothes online and the delivery person came. He called many times figuring the location and after 15mins of roaming here and there she met him and got her order clothes. I found its too time-consuming and she has to call her so many times if there were some media where one can find the route, delivery point and some kind of media to communicate would be great.

What it does

It helps to connect the delivery person and buyer. Buyer and the delivery person can chat, share there location and with that shared location, it will generate a route which shows how to reach the destination along with directions.

How I built it

Since there should be media to communicate so i use which helps to chat between buyer and delivery person. To share the location i use the geolocation features of the browser, To render a map needed map, for this case open street maps helped me and for routing leaflet maps routing helps me alots. And putting things in together.

Challenges I ran into

Well first of all, i don't know how to do this just a concept come in mind. Didn't know which tools to use things were going good because all of my stuffs were going good but there was a moment where i have to show maps in the same window depending on user click. I have to repaint the maps and the routes too which was hard but i do figure it out later.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I showed to my friends and ask to try it. We tried it and it was successful, saved time and was more useful though i do get some recommendations too and planning to implement it.

What I learned

I learned we can solve the problems in our community by using the knowledge we perceive.

What's next for maps-chat-delivery-system

Planning to add photos where users can take photos too. so that one can give more clues.

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