Whenever I enter a hackathon, the first thing I come across is a huge confusion of where to be going. A lot give small 'maps' behind IDs and what not but they never tend to help. Look around and you'll find so many people asking, "where is x building". This was when Mappoku was born.

Mappoku makes use of a QR code in order to display a 3D map of the event area. It is easily changeable by changing the central coordinates. It further, tracks the users position and displays it on the 3D map.

How I built it

The biggest challenge was pulling up a map. Since I was using unity in order to make use of AR, I ha no access to any mapping APIs like that of Google Navigation. Another challenge was the lack of an Android phone to test, making me have to guess the functionality through the meager webcam.

The accomplishments that I'm proud of, is the exactness of the map that is created. Although still rather clunky to use in the early stages, the map is easily accurate and shows suitable paths really well.

I learned a lot about the Vuforia API and how Geopositioning services work.

Honestly speaking, I'm not yet done with Mappoku. As of now, the maps it spawns, although great, are too big to be accessible. Further, although it does have labeling, it still needs to be made more clear.

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