I like what Blockstack is doing, and I feel I can make a difference here

What it does

  • Search for local weather anywhere in the US

    • Draws forecasted area on the map
    • Displays scrollable 5 day forecast
    • NEW! Mappit! automatically searches the same forecasted area for any severe weather alerts and will display them before the standard weather forecast. This includes any special instructions issued by the National Weather Service.
  • View the locations of major wildfires in the US

    • Displays the technical name of the wildfire and draws its boundaries on the map - this data is updated on a regular basis.
  • Search local restaurants with Zomato (domestic and international)

    • Get contact information, overall restaurant rating, see the menu and more!
  • Create custom map pins

    • Pin data saved to Gaia - not Google
    • Categorize your pins so you can view only the pins you want to see
    • Add a title and some notes to each pin (optional)
    • Drag the pin anywhere on the map before saving to have a more exact location
  • Get Directions

  • Pins & Restaurants

    • Get custom weather with the click of a button (Custom pins have weather buttons automatically added)
    • Get directions to or from any pin (including to or from any other pins) with the click of a button (Custom pins have directions buttons automatically added)

    • All data points (weather, custom pins, fire, restaurants, etc) will stack on the map one after the other. You have a button that allows you to clear the map at any time. This allows you to stack data points on top of your map so you can gain more insightful information about your targeted area.

For example, if you're going on vacation, you can create some custom pins for those must-see tourist attractions. Search the area for restaurants, then create custom restaurant pins to mark those gotta-try restaurants. Curious about the weather in those locations? Just click the weather button on any of your pins, or go to the weather menu and search for weather in that area. Your forecasted area will be drawn on the map so you can see where your pins are in relation to any forecast!

How I built it

I just sat down and wrote it

Challenges I ran into

I think user education on the way Mappit! interacts with various APIs - especially coming from Google - is the toughest challenge with this. The app is easy and straight forward to use, but obtaining the level of faith from the user to know that, without question, their information and usage is not being tracked, is another deal altogether.

For that reason, I built an FAQ section that explains how these processes work in a way that hopefully both novice and more advanced users can understand.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did all this in 15 days. I would have gone further this month but its holiday season so my time is a bit more limited. I plan to do more though.. no worries :)

What I learned

It is possible to write a decentralized application around Google Maps

What's next for Mappit!

Lots.. International Weather Hurricane / Severe Weather Tracking More data around wildfires if possible (The US wildfire data I'm looking for is almost impossible to find) Australian Fire Data Add more restaurant data providers so information is not biased to just Zomato Create your own categories for custom pins Public transit routes worldwide ...and more!

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posted an update

NWS at some point has started changing some of their API requirements. The code has been updated to suit their requirements. It seems like weather data is coming in much nicer and more consistent. Places where I had holes are now coming back with data :)

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posted an update

There was a little bug in displaying markers in some instances. The issue was that a function was updated to return an array, and the code was expecting a different data type. This has now been resolved.

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