Capitalizing on public space CCTV and deep learning adaptative algorithm, we propose to build a ”Waze”-like tools to enable public to inform itself on the public space and the fact peoples respects the safety guidance to lower social interaction. This is GRDP-compliant and can contribute to tackle with the pandemic in Europe while a vaccin is distributed to the population.


Afraid of the risk for privacy of the app to track the infected peoples and their limitations for dense cities, we imagine a way to leverage on our deep learning technology in computer vision in order to produce information for people to avoid dangerous places where physical interaction takes places.

What it does

We grab the information from several CCTV system, anonymously to collect data on the respect toward physical distancing behavior and protection of contagiousness.

How I built it

While developing Fotonower since 5 years and furnishing services in the rubbish industry, cleaning of street and car damage estimation. All based on the same technology : computer vision.

Challenges I ran into

Some kaggle challenge. Others competition between startup.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Participating in major international conference and selling products and services ot billionth worth company. We won a challenge to save bees :

What I learned

Learning new technology and solve social problem.

What's next for Mapping of secured public space -Covid

Selling it to rail transportation, airport and local government.

Built With

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