My inspiration includes a previous project I worked on for one of the features and for the VR features, the inspiration came from my experience with online classes. Attending online classes comes with a lot of distractions since the student can open youtube and play music videos instead or play songs. So I wanted to make something that can help avoid distraction and at the same time give real-life classroom experience.

What it does

It has a map of each floor of the building of the school and all the buildings in the school campus are covered. Using 5G technology and hyperlocalization, the app can pinpoint the student's location as well as and tell the instruction where to go. Whereas for online students, using AFrame, the live class can be converted into 360deg video and can be shown to the students in VR Box. Using Auth0, the student can check-in to events without coming in contact with anyone. In addition to to that, it can be used with hyperlocalization to make attendance of students. It also shows how many people can check-in according to the rules and also shows the shortest walking path to the place.

How I built it

I made everything for the web so that it is available to all users irrespective of their operating system. I used ReactJS as the skelton for my project. I used Mapbox SDK to make sample school map. For online interactive class, I used AFrame to make

Challenges I ran into

I wasted the initial hours of the hackathon searching for a team. However, when I didn't find anyone I started working alone. Working alone for such a project was like making a Ferrari alone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Integrating MadBox SDK and other APIs in react.
  • Completing my first project around VR.

What I learned

I learned the use of markers in MapBox. In addition to that, I also learned about AR/ VR technology. While researching about hyperlocalization, I also learned more about 5G.

What's next for MappedSchool

  • Next, we will add more features like dining table reservation online so that students can abide by social distancing rules and don't have to wait
  • Features for disabled people like sense distincter that will help these people to join the same online lessons with ordinary students.
  • Integrating note-taking apps so that the student can take notes while attending online classes while wearing VR.
  • Find the shortest path to the destination.

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