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As inexperienced hackathoners, we set out to create, design, and develop something brand new at the start of MHacks V. We looked into the problems within our lives and realized that that we loved to nap on bus rides and were worried about missing the stop! Thus, we began to design a "bus alarm" application to notify us when we're close to our destination spot.

We looked into the Android API and Google Map API where we created a map to allow for users to specify where they want to get off at. Using Android API, we were able to track the user's current position using Location Services (GPS and WiFi) and we set up "Geofences", a predetermined radius around our destination point that will notify us when we enter into the circular boundary which sets off the alarm.

Although, we had complications and not everything is integrated with our current version. It is one that we learned a lot in development and wish to continue in the future. We're most proud of being able to learn Android and Google Map API for the first time and setting the foundations for an app that we can actually use in real life!

Target User: Any riders on public transit

Future Goals:

  • Implement integration with local public transit API's to provide a comprehensive database of bus stops
  • Create our marketing strategy and monetization strategy as discussed in idea generation
  • Improve the visual design of Mapp

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