Most of our applications arises from a neccessity that simplifies our living. Delegating, the computational tasks to our smart devices as much as we can. Under the same umberella we tried to push some data to our smart phone. Our expectation is, smart phone process data and helps us in simplyifying the way we live.

Our application is a map which displays our friends on a map in real time, just like a transit app which displays buses in real time. So how this app simplifies our work? Daily we hangout with a bunch of friends who live at different places. We agree to meet at a particular place to hangout. Most of the times, all of us won't show up on time and some end up waiting at the mutually agreed location. There are times where we are not sure on location, that's where our app comes into picture. Given a bunch of friends we show up a particular location which allows each friend to travel for almost for equal amount of time. and we also provide the near by places so that we give user the freedom to choose nearby place where they wanted to hangout

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