We wanted our product to incorporate the theme of TigerHacks 2020 as well as an API found on the Google Cloud Platform. After we discovered the Google Maps API we came up with MapMonkey as a way to connect users to a great adventure.

What it does

MapMonkey is a web application that allows users to travel across the globe in seconds. Users can explore our global map and even look at satellite imagery or terrain data. Using a 360° interactive panoramic street view, users can explore locations as if they are truly there. Once users have decided on certain locations to explore, they can continue on to look at the highlight photos and locations we have compiled for each of the six continents.

How we built it

MapMonkey was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and the Google Map API. We used Google Cloud credits to access the API key and we used to host our web application.

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues connecting the domain name to because it was taking a long time to link/unlink it to certain Repl.its. We had to update our domain name from to to reflect our product’s name which evolved over time. We had to work past certain size and formatting issues with the HTML and CSS, with margins extending and certain images taking up too much space on the screen

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are proud of the CSS code that it took to expand the photo cards on hover, as it makes our site look very elegant and polished. Getting the Google Maps API to work was important as our product revolves around the ability to explore and visualize the world. The spinning globe animation and the background were things that we created ourselves.

What we learned

We honed our front-end web development skills(HTML, JavaScript, CSS) and in general learned more about the continents. We learned how to set up a domain, use Google Cloud, and implement APIs. We learned how to work together as a team and how to solve issues when they came up.

What's next for MapMonkey

Here are some potential next steps: Creating an assessment that picks a travel destination based on the user’s hobbies Writing a blurb to go along with each continent Creating a linked list/database/collection that stores all of the user’s hobbies Have the maps API pinpoint the specific location that the user specifies

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