It all began when 3 Canadians adopted an American. In light of recent events in the States, the Canadians decided to help struggling Americans choose their new properties.

What it does

MAPHOME aids customers in choosing ideal locations in which to invest. It does so by analyzing information from various databases, specifically regarding crime rates, pollution levels, access to public transportation, and proximity to public services. Each area is divided into subregions that are given a numerical ranking based on whether or not they meet these criteria. For example, proximity to many bus stops is considered a positive attribute to a good property. Thus, that subregion is assigned a positive number. This data is represented by colored circles on an interactive map API.

How we built it

We used CSV to input meaningful data into the map API. For the front end, we used HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

There existed a language barrier among the French Canadians, British Canadian, and loyal American colonist. (JK!) We all understood each other perfectly, it was just the code that didn’t. At the beginning, we had difficulties with efficiently merging the JSON and CSV files. It was also difficult to extract values from the map into clear visualizations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite our many challenges, we eventually found solutions: Rather than using JSON, we used all CSV.

What we learned

Major commitment. We realized we were personally invested in our product, and this motivated us to make it the best we could in 36 hours. We strengthened our understanding of Arcgis, inter-team communication, and debugging.

What's next for MAPHOME

There is much growth potential for our product. We would like expand our services to multiple locations across the US and Canada. We would like to extract more information from the databases including proximity to hospitals and other public services. We also intend to work on a mobile-friendly version! This will be marketable to real estate agents!

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