Pokemon Go for real communities

What it does

Modern social media encourages bad habits: isolation, sedentary life style.

Our app lets users pin comments, pictures, and media to specific geo-locations. Other users must go directly to the location to interact with this media.

This has great applications for guided tourism, sharing tips and information, and building a healthy social media platform that encourages physical movement.

How we built it

Powered by google maps, angular front end for visualization, back end database.

Challenges we ran into

Wifi connectivity

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deploying a functional app that people can start using right away!

What we learned

How to use Angular to build web frontends. How to use google map API. How to use google cloud platform.

What's next for MapGraffiti

Deploying a mobile version of the app and building a real community of users. Our first business target is building self-guided tours for new tourists.

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