By engaging in live location sharing , It opens up a channels of networking. For traveller's it's an engaging platform. People can share their location in group or privately and get to know the place more with live chats.

What it does

It takes your locations or you can even select your locations and share them one to one , to existing or new groups. It uses Magnet message for communication.By adding a layer of location , we have directed the app to tremendous channels of networking.

How I built it

We used Magnet messsage framework to support Group and private communication.User is asked to share location using GoogleMaps to chat threads(Private/Group). Next add on feature would be to make location based threads available public.

Challenges I ran into

Magent message was smooth to integrate . We had to understand their potential of api fully to create an dynamic app. Keeping the app smooth and resposive with required threading was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a clean and smooth utility app. We strike global audience specially travellers who like to know more about the place around them.

What I learned

We learnt the powerful Magnet message framework. Which will enable us to create multiple chat application on various patforms. Chat being a crucial part in any networking app . We are satisfied with Magnet message for chat integrations.

What's next for MapChat

An open networking channel , where public users can join the conversations based on the place.It will enable users to know their surrounding and people better. UI upgrades , good Artificial Intelligence to understand the user better to suggest him better engaging topics , file sharing, language translations and integration with google and other apis for bookings and ad-suggestions based on conversations.

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