We are all screen people. Nowadays, who doesn't have a computer? a mobile phone? and even a tablet? 10 years ago, kids used to play in the streets. Today, they play in the screen! We saw ourselves, our relatives (especially our little brothers) becoming couch potatoes. WE WANTED TO CHANGE THAT - but in a fun and easy way, and to leverage all the technology we can.

In addition, we figured out that each of us is playing, in a way, some navigation game. Daniel used to play geocaching games, but was annoyed by the fact that everything should be organised and physically put in advance. Daniella played competitive navigating and didn't think that it should be such a big (and expensive) deal to organise. Gal is playing a lot of computer games of navigation style - just because he doesn't have a physical way to do that.

So we combined these 2 things to create a fun platform which can be used by everyone - creating the location is a one click step, and that's it - you have a game!
Creating games have never been so easy! Create unique, intense and exciting treassure-hunt style games - anywhere, any time!

How it works

Use the web interface to create chases for your friends and colleagues. As a user, collect as many chests as you can before the time runs out! You can chase by foot, by bike or car. At every point you will have a riddle (which the game creator defined) and you'll have to answer it right to get the points. The user who collects the most points - wins the game.

Challenges I ran into

We had a hard time to study all new technology and to implement the designs created by our app. We had to fase the time construction and to navigate between the design and functionality of our product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are a great team! We managed to work great together and to make the app we dreamt of.

What I learned

How good can be a team work! Having a designer is a must! Don't get stuck too much on bugs - sometimes, it's better to reduce the amount of features. Be patient and calm, and have fun doing the things you like (coding!)

What's next for Mapcha

We have an arrangment with GetTaxi company to use it as their team building game in their next fun company name! We really plan on using that with our friends. We want to contact mayers to make this app for their city (so that tourists will be able to explore the city).

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