To provide a platform for... Connecting people with common interests and hobbies Informing people of interesting findings or events near them Grass-root movements like the Hong Kong protests have shown how the connection of strangers with similar goals/interests can form strong and lasting relationships Viewing areas where people have seen or are interested in

What it does

Add markers to indicate points of interest on Google Maps, accompanied by a comment describing the p.o.i Can browse all uploaded markers on the map Updates in real-time Anonymous posts

How we built it

Primarily used HTML, javascript, and css for front-end Accompanied by Google Cloud's Map Platform and Firebase

Challenges we ran into

First time working with a real-time database that provided issues with pushing and pulling data succinctly Understanding Google's Map APIs was a bit challenging at first Creating a fast responsive front-end that could dynamically load/send data from/to Firebase while generating markers for each point of interest

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developed something that we feel could actually be applied around the world Worked on a project that has a lot of potential for growth Implemented something that we would love to continue to work on and later (globally) deploy as an app in the future

What we learned

A lot about Google Maps Platform how to work with a realtime database using Firebase

What's next for MapBook

Notifications for interesting markers near you Different icons to choose from for markers Creating you own instance (instead of global) of a MapBook for smaller groups Replying to comments and markers Upvoting useful or interesting markers

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