When I first read the topic for this hackathon, I thought "photography" + "maps", but I wanted to make my app more interesting, something that anyone can use. So I thought of "Mapagram", a mashup of Instagram and Google Maps to display public Instagram photos based on the location they were taken near you(the user). Essentially, this would be a great way for users to see what's happening near them or to meet new friends near their area in a very fast simple manner.

How it works

You can download the app from the Play Store(which would make me happy :)) or you could download the apk from my shared dropbox link. It would be a lot easier to just download it from the play store, in my opinion.

After installing the app in some way onto your device follow these instructions:

  1. Sign Up for an Instagram account
  2. Log In to your Instagram with Mapagram
  3. It will automatically go to your location, if it says geolocation is blocked, then enable it in your settings.
  4. Click on the locate button in top right corner if you accidentally scroll into a different area
  5. Zoom In/Out to view more photos near your location
  6. Click on the pin to see the pictures
  7. Log Out in the very top right corner

Challenges I ran into

I faced some challenges, but since I worked with the Instagram API before, I didn't encounter that many problems.

  1. Getting some parts of the Instagram API to work for my app
  2. Small bugs with my app, which I fixed

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the fact that I built an app that could be potentially used a form of social networking.

What I learned

  1. Google Maps API
  2. Instagram API

What's next for Mapagram

  1. Developing a backend, so users can interact with eachother
  2. Building it into a more powerful form of location-based social networking
  3. Show most viewed pins near area
  4. Allow the user the ability to comment/like/share (right now that part is not functional)

Note to Judges

If any of the judges would like to view the source code, please notify me, I can send a private dropbox link to any of the judges.

Also since I am a high school student at Lynbrook High School, I would like to be considered for the MLH Student Hacker Prize.

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