The internet is vast. As brave explorers, we sail the infinite seas of the connected web, among the pitching, rolling waves of links, information and dank memes. How far can you get? Apparently everywhere. In our project, we examine the virtual reach of any image you can find. What does it connect to? Where can it bring you? What adventures lie in store for those who choose to embark on them? Harnessing the collective power of "the internet's front page: reddit", we are able to visualize just how far an image can take you.

Have you ever wondered how people have millions of karma? Wonder no more, they know WHERE to post. With this app, you can always find the right subs for your pics. Use our tool, reap the karma.

"He earns millions of karma point every day. Mods hate him! Learn this one trick to gain karma!"

-Everybody 2016

What it does

Map Your World allows you to upload any image link from the internet, and generate a force directed network graph of the connections to all relevant subreddits for the image.

How we built it

Using Clarifai's API we are able to process the image, and extract relevant data from it. We then use the reddit API to gather reddit references to the extracted data. Parsing this data and analyzing the generated metrics, we use d3.js to construct a force directed network graph of the internet's opinion.

Challenges we ran into

Parsing is no fun.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it.

What we learned

The power of friendship and teamwork can overcome anything.

What's next for Map Your World

Let's expand our horizons. The applications are endless, as well as being damn fun to look at. One can think of many many many things to use this for ;)

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