Landing a job is never easy, let alone if you are a newcomer to Sweden. This tool makes it easier for you to explore career options based on your skills and potential of available jobs.

What it does

This is a tool that can be used in connection with an on-person visit to employment office or remotely. The newcomer to Sweden can enter some of his skills and relevant professions are displayed in a bubble chart. Most relevant jobs are shown in the center and highly related ones around. Hovering over the professions displays a description and a trends forecast and allows to click on those that you are interested in. At the last stage, the officer can gather some basic background information and add personal comments. Finally, a summary report is provided in a printer-friendly format.

Map your career facilitates the discussion on career options providing dynamic content in an easy to understand way.

How we built it

Technologies: React, node.js API: Arbetsförmedlingen (historical job postings, description of professions, relations between competences, forecast of jobs).

Challenges we ran into

Lack of documentations of APIs in general and hard to find manuals made our task more challenging. We also spent quite much time in setting up stuff like templates before doing actual work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've got a working prototype in a very short time span.

What's next for Map your career

The tools still needs polishing and user testing but firstly we would like to validate our concept with employment officers and users.

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