Inspiration With metric and target-based technologies becoming more involved with the decisions we make every day, I wanted to create a technology that did the exact opposite. To create a technology that enhanced an aspect of human experience it so often distances by giving people a completely random place to go.

What it does Map Roulette accepts a radial distance a user is willing to travel, finds a random place for them to explore, and then provides turn-by-turn directions without letting the user know where they are going. Map Roulette creates spontaneous adventures anytime, anywhere.

How I built it The team built the application in Android Studio with location services, places, and navigation support through Google APIs.

Challenges I ran into Communicating between the technologies responsible for navigation, GPS, and location data made choosing technologies difficult. The whole team had limited android development knowledge, most of what we accomplished we had to learn from scratch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of Didn't sleep.

What I learned The only way to use GPS is outside the building.

What's next for Map Roulette Features to focus the app towards finding random places to grab a bite to eat and expanding, using analytics to make the apps ability to find good adventures more powerfull, and integrating Walking/Busing/Cycling directions.

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