Each day, hundreds of millions of users across the world visit webpages. Many of these users simply load up the page, view content, and then minimize it while they view content elsewhere. Most website owners would say there is no value in a minimized webpage. Here at Map Redonk, we see things differently. We leverage computing power from all instances of our partner webpages, both active and minimized, to perform highly distributed computations.

This new source of computing power provides a new way for website owners to monetize their product. We have created a computing marketplace - anyone wishing to run large computations can pay to run custom jobs. We then distribute the fees for the job to the website owners whose websites ran computation.

Our technology is as follows:

Users submit computational tasks that can be run in a highly distributed way

Website owners include our script on their website

We send out the tasks to all the browsers that are registered

We compile the results and give them to the users that submitted them

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