Simply put, we wanted to work on a project of the future. We wanted to provide an immersive experience of controlling a maps interface that we would normally only see in science-fiction movies.

How it works

We integrate the two Javascript APIs of Leap Motion, and of Google Maps, which allow us to achieve some amazing, downright futuristic hand gestures to manipulate Google Maps.

Challenges we ran into

Calibrating the hand gestures to be accurate and distinguishable enough to fluidly control the Google Maps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we overcame all of our technical challenges. We managed to reverse engineer the Javascript code on a previous Google Maps & Leap Motion Github project that we found online, adding a plethora of new hand gestures and features to interact with the map.

What we learned

We are now definitely extremely comfortable with both the Leap Motion Javascript SDK and Google Maps Javascript API.

What's next for Map Motion

We believe that we only scratched the surface of what Map Motion is capable of, as it is only a glimpse of the future of the user interface of popular maps frameworks of not only Google but Bing and Apple maps as well. In the future, we hope to integrate with Oculus Rift and provide an even more immersive google maps experience.

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