We wanted to use cloud computing and web scraping and integrate into a project

What it does

Scraps twitter tweets for information based on the username. Information gets sent to the cloud and returned to be displayed. It can be a word cloud or a network graph depending on the user.

How we built it

We mashed twint, cloud, networkx and a sprinkle of web. With these forces combined, we created something truly unique(no sane person would ever make this).

Challenges we ran into

Implementing cloud servers into the project and improving time complexity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a complete project that was challenging but rewarding

What we learned

We learned that trying to call Python from JavaScript is trash. We learned that trying to setup the environment to run Python scripts in a command line is trash. We learned that Google Cloud has a lot of powerful technologies that we hope to leverage in our future projects.

What's next for @Map

We are going to shut down our Google Cloud service so I don't lose money. Thank you very much.

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