So we were going to the Beer Bar yesterday, and everyone (all the group members) were at different locations. To check the location of each other, Dawson opened his iPhone App - 'Find my Friends' that tracks your friends current location. We later realized, one of our group member's location couldn't be tracked. And the reason behind it couldn't be more silly. His friend had an android mobile! And these location tracking apps only work on a single platform! (You gotta be kidding me man!)

That is, Find my friends only works on iphone. On researching further, we figured out there is no single 'location tracking app' that supports multiplatform compatible. It was at that time that we came up with a brilliant idea - ONE single shared map for everyone. Doesnt matter if you have an android, windows or an iOS device . This map would be shared on any platform in such a way that the user could create his own map, invite his friends that he wants to keep track of. Now, this map would be shared to everyone in the group. At anytime, friends could see each others real-time locations. Our app's main functionality includes creating different maps for different people. For example: A map for the McHacks Trip that includes your group members, a map for your family members, a map for gym buddies, a map for your beer bros and so on. You could manage different maps which have different people's location in a single map. No more trouble of single platform support.

We also took care of the 'stalking' issue. For example, we created a Map for the McHacks trip so that we have a track of all the group members. Now once this trip is finished, I dont want my location to be shared to anyone within the group, how do I do it? I'm allergic to stalkers While creating a map, you have an option of the visibility calendar that allows you to set the timer for your location;s visibility. Once the duration of the calendar expires, your location is no more tracked.

We see a lot of potential in our idea, and there is nothing in the market that is similar to the functionality that our app provides. After the Hackathon, we would still continue working on our app and release new updated versions in the future.

We are swaggers!

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