Manzil (Mustaqbil ki Manzil) - Career Counselling App


Background & Inspiration

In Pakistan, most of the students don't have the opportunity to get career counselling. Even when they are doing bachelors, they are continuously thinking about their career decision. Even after graduation, they feel ambiguous about their decision their whole life that revolving cycle continues for their children and their children.

In Pakistan, from the report of 2018 less than 3% people chooses to focus on their career goals. In recent years that percentage seems to be evolving but not exponentially.

As students, our counselling and mentorship are given by our parents. As the world is evolving we need to evolve the process of counselling and link expert peoples within the industries to the right students.


Manzil Formation

An undergrad and two grad buddies, who have face gone through a similar phase in our lives. Notice the people around us within our society. As some are focus some of us were unclear about our career goals. We have seen this phase in our lives. We know how someone feels and how they think about it.

Manzil Idea

We know outside of Pakistan there are companies and NGO's who are working day and night to serve for their country. We found out that this field was overlooked. Yet, we don't tend to notice it.

We came up with an idea to bring change. Manzil is an app that connects young students and counsellors. As students, we have lot's of questions, which we will be clearing out using RIASEC Test and connecting them with industry experts who will be counselling them and helping them to choose the right career path.


Building Manzil

Choosing the right tool is important. We decided to develop a mobile application. The technology stack that we are/ will be using is as follows:

  • React-Native
  • Firebase
  • Node JS
  • Adobe XD

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Initially gathering the information on how we can approach to create a solution that will be suitable for any age. We face hurdles to gather such information with time constraints but we successfully found a solution for this. RIASEC Test provides the right domain for the right person. This test is easily available, extensive and provides a structured model. We also consider other tests as well e.g. 16 Personality Factors but that is cost-effective and hard to gather information.

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Our Goals & Accomplishments

As our goal is the betterment of Pakistan and to bring the right career path for the students. Therefore, we have to consider 2 traits.

  • Interests
  • Strengths


As students are in their initial phase of choosing the domain for their future. They usually start developing their interests in particular domains. These domains help insight those the student interest and why he wanted to go in that particular domain.


Students' interests can vary as per their strengths. As students don't know which domain is better for them. Finding the strength and telling the student what should be better for them is crucial for their career path.

Interests and Strengths works along to find the right career domain. e.g. Student is interested in entertainment but it has more reality traits. The field for him is being driven from the RIASEC reality test.

  • Agriculture
  • Health Assistant
  • Computers
  • Construction
  • Mechanic/Machinist
  • Engineering
  • Food and Hospitality and so on...

As domains are expanding exponentially finding the right domain for student's is becoming more and more crucial for our industries. Having both interest and strength is quite important for the person to work along for their long terms goals.

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What We Learned

Pakistan is developing we want our youth to be more productive in the upcoming years. Therefore, they need to find the right path for themselves. Manzil will provide a way to find the right career path for you and connecting you with industry experts which will guide you throughout the way and help you choose the right path for your career which will help Pakistan to grow and expand in different industries.

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Our Next Step

Build a team of experts, onboarding students and coaches on **Manzil*. Update our tech stack and use machine learning to scale data and improve the students and coaches experience.

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