We were inspired to build this after encountering various problems with the essay writing process that we have experienced. In particular, something that has happened to every member of our team is staying up late frantically typing out an essay before the due date because of procrastination. To fix this, we decided we would make software with all of these challenges in mind that helps us write better essays.

What it does

Provides a variety of features across every step of the writing process. Before you even begin, you create checkpoints that remind you when you want to finish portions of your essay, helping you split up work over time. While you type, advanced grammar checking in line without having to move to Grammarly. If you are stuck, AI-powered inspiration can give you a place to start again. During the editing process, machine learning can give you a score for your website and text-to-speech functionality can help you hear errors in your lines from a fresh perspective.

How we built it

We used a variety of different programs and APIs to build ManuScripted. The backend that provides text to speech capabilities, AI inspiration, and essay scoring is powered by Google Cloud and GPT. The text editor was created with the Quill API and a custom extension we made that integrates grammar, checking and file inserts into the native text editor. Finally, the website was created using Webflow and puts everything together, along with graphs generated with JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Obtaining API keys and dealing with free licenses and limited amounts of calls AI training: finding good training data and defining a “good” essay objectively Webflow design: creating functional tabs and inserting HTML ran into a lot of problems Quill documentation: Quill is very powerful but it’s documentation is not very fleshed out and we had to figure a lot of functions out ourselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be honest, I’m impressed with the entire essay writing process under ManuScripted. We started because we thought it would be a cool idea that could be useful eventually, but we managed to create an actual tool that makes essay writing feel easier. I would definitely and probably am actually going to use this for my next actual school essay.

What we learned

We learned a lot about AI training, especially the importance of good training data and tags. We also learned about many key principles of web design under Webflow. In addition, we gained experience with many APIs including Quill’s and PWT’s grammar checker. We also learned the power of pure JS, as we had to make graphs and formatting with only JS without any frameworks.

What's next for ManuScripted

Fleshed out data visualizations Timeline with scheduling for checkpoints Sentence structure and word count graphs Peer connections See other’s essays and edit them Get feedback on your own essays! Advanced AI Match with rubric to ensure high grades More natural sounding suggestions Sentence structure analysis

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