Every day we encounter complex daily life devices with different usage, finding manuals for each device is hard, and on the other hand, companies have a high employee training and customer support cost. We want to make daily life more efficient and productive by helping people to be self-sufficient.

What it does

Manually, guides you on how to make use of a daily device we encounter from coffee machine to washing machine. It acts as a personal assistant utilizing your life by enabling to manage technology easily. It is an AR app that helps you use and repair everyday devices by yourself by recognizing the item and simply showing you the instructions step by step.

How we built it

Our technology stack consists of Facebook Camera, Spark AR Version 70 with Target Tracker and JavaScript editings.

Challenges we ran into

  • Differences between Spark AR releases was a problem and needed to update our solution considering trade-offs
  • Limitations to integrate with other development tools was challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We developed our idea and implemented a PoC in one day at the Hackathon organized by the Build Days event in Istanbul, Turkey and won the 1st prize.

What we learned

We learned that we can produce a solution that can help many people in their everyday life in a very short amount of time and without diving into complex programming structures.

What's next for Manually

We will enrich the content for more devices and we will work on enabling Manually to be contributed by user-generated contents and to be supported by multiple device manuals within one Spark AR effect application. We developed the required script for the dynamic text and looking forward to Spark AR version supporting multiple target tracker!

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