We believe the total value of NFTs will continue to increase. According to a report from Emergen Research and Morgan Stanley, by 2030, the total transaction volume of NFTs will increase by 100 times compared to 2021. At that time, NFT collectors will not be satisfied with making NFTs useless in their wallets, but will look forward to how to improve the use and capital efficiency of NFTs, and use assets for other financial purposes without their selling NFTs.

What it does

Mantle Finance is a decentralized lending protocol with NFT as collateral, aiming to solve the liquidity problem of NFT.

How we built it

Mantle focuses on the liquidity of NFTs and believes in the great potential of NFT in finance and future applications. Users can access 2 types of NFT lending services on (1) P2P lending: Lender and borrower customize their lending terms. (2) Automated Instant Lending: Automatic execution through smart contracts. Lenders supply funds to the liquidity pool, and Borrowers can get loans directly from the pool after staking NFT assets. NFT lending not only improves the liquidity of NFT for users, but also provides more application scenario possibilities, thereby increasing the willingness of more people to join the NFT market.

Challenges we ran into

The difficulty of increasing the liquidity of "things" is its pricing. If both parties have a clear perception of the value of the thing, its liquidity won't be an issue. At present, there are 2 factors that affect the maturity of the NFT floor price mechanism: (1) People in the decentralized space have a clear consensus and belief on how to get the floor price. (2) There are enough mature decentralized NFT marketplaces that can be used as the sources of floor price information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that multi-chain is the future. We have launched on Ethereum and Flow Chain and are ready to develop on the blockchain.

What's next for Mantle Finance

  • Expand ecosystem to other blockchain
  • Enhance reliability and efficiency of NFT lending
  • Build strong communities

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