We live in a world where we are least bothered about the damage that we are doing to the world. With the emerging industries and the globalisation we are leading to a destructive future. All the natural resources are being utilised abruptly. Its great that some people do understand their responsibility towards environment and take action of working with environment conservation NGOs.

What it does

The web app focuses on making people aware of the current damage that we have done by comparing the Google Satellite Image for previous years with the latest data that we have. For the better experience we have made the user available with both the options - static and dynamic. The user can compare in both the ways. The user will be made aware with the campaigns that are being run all around the state and they can themselves be a volunteer or they have the option to donate the amount for the welfare.

How I built it

I have implemented the technology of Google Earth for capturing the satellite image and the used some research sheets from where I got the data for the previous years satellite image. Using the basic tools of web development ie, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Google Map APIs, and JQuery I planned to provide better solution with less complex technology. Keeping this project as Open Source I am looking for more contribution and advancement of technology.

Challenges I ran into

The Biggest Challenge was to bring up the interactive Map of India which would help to target all the states individually. For the prototype purpose we have made the Andhra Pradesh as an interactive states where in you can find all the campaigns that are active under the state.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that my team worked with me patiently believing that we would able to complete the task that we have thought up to. Also the words to mentor that we got and the idea modifications suggested by them in the mentoring phase were somewhat difficult to analyse but we made sure that as instructed we focused on one aspect ie. Tree Cover Area and made the project successful.

What I learned

I learnt being patient and about some new tech like the Map interactive API.

What's next for Manthan - Battle For a Better Life

We plan to keep it open source and take more contributions for the betterment of the society. We would surely promote this web app on social media for engaging people into contribution and making them aware about Manthan.

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