The goal of this project was to build and implement a non-invasive, realistically dexterous replacement of a human hand. While still in prototype form, the hardware consists of 3D printed human-inspired finger segments, which can easily be modified to match the user's original hand dimensions as well as keeping hardware costs low. The beauty of this prosthetic is the low learning curve for new users. After affixing skin contacts to the correct locations on the arm (single device on the production model) the user must only flex the usual muscles in the way they are used to doing so with their original hand. By keeping the costs and user-side complexity low while keeping human-class dexterity, as well as adding customization (both in size and appearance, which are important factors for kids), this hand prototype is the start of something awesome. Imagine a little girl again able to not only drink water with her prosthetic but play piano mere minutes after receiving her new correctly-sized, bright pink hand.

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