One of our Teammates Marlon Johnson was inspired by a friend, as we would go on late evening walks around the lake she would spin up a question about my manifestations. Her idea was that if you share your positive energy it will trickle down to everyone around you. You can have goals in your life but sometimes you lack the motivation and effort to do so. Goals tend to be backed by actions and actions include small steps that we are taking in our daily life. The Manifest is a platform that opens up an opportunity to commit yourself and achieve peace of mind. It gives you a start in your life.

What it does

The Manifest is a platform where you can share your manifestations and join the community while attending some exciting events. It will show you events based on your goals and interests. The community can play a role in giving you positive feedback and encouraging you to stick to your goal. You can enjoy various activities at an event and meet new people.

How we built it

  • We used Figjam for Brainstorming and ideation.
  • We used Figma to design this application.
  • Tailwind CSS and React js to build this application and firebase to deploy it.

Challenges we ran into

The Hackathon took place globally, and the time zone difference among team members caused asynchronous communication, we solved this issue by segregating the different tasks that include designing, developing, and deploying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • For Datta Velivela, the main accomplishment was to design an entire web application from low fidelity to mockup design and also worked on prototyping.
  • For Daniel Wajsman, It was his first virtual Hackathon, and worked on the design of the application, and also contributed to building up the codebase and maintaining the application.
  • For Khushi Shukla, It was her first Hackathon. She learned tailwind CSS along with everyone and worked on documenting and handling the story for the project.
  • For Marlon Johnson, worked on the backend and structured the whole application using react. As a team, we learned how to work on a project from scratch.

What we learned

  • For Marlon Johnson learned that time management is key when planning out a project with time constraints. Choosing the right set of tools that’ll not only do the job but lead to a working product quickly as possible. Trails and Errors led me to a scenario of resolving bugs rather than focusing on time.

What's next for manifest.

We didn’t complete the production of it so we will continue developing it as an open-source project.

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