Merchandise NFTs are awesome but hard to execute for digital artists. We wanted to make a simple smart contract flow for adding merchandise manifestation functionality to NFTs.

What it does

Creates a derivative NFT from your owned 721. That can be traded and then burned by the owner to create a physical merch item.

How we built it

Using scaffold eth, open zepplin, next, ethers, moralis

Challenges we ran into

  • Storing physical addresses is centralised
  • Handling multiple, dependent interactions between all of frontend, backend and contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • learning a lot
  • working well as a team and agreeing on implementation
  • getting the full system deployed (albeit the bugs!)

What we learned

  • how to create composable nft contracts
  • how to create moralis chain watchers to trigger centralised actions
  • how to quickly architect the system as a team and execute

What's next for Manifest

  • Production ready mvp
  • launch publicly
  • improve end-user and nft contract developer UX 10x
  • Add verifiable QR/NFC chip to prove nft validity. (Using

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