The perfect solution for when you're out alone and in a dangerous situation, our iOS app allows users to press a button on their bracelet and automatically contact emergency contacts and other app users in their geographical vicinity. These users are then presented with options for how to help — and how to find/recognize the user in need of assistance!

The front-end was built in XCode with Swift for UI/UX design. The backend is all in Python, with a database of users hosted by Amazon Web Services. We used a Dragonboard for the button-pressing and signaling side of the app.

While currently the app is primarily for emergency situations, alerting users and contacts that an individual is in urgent need of assistance, this could easily be extended with a second button to signal a less urgent situation — for instance, merely an awkward or uncomfortable situation. We thought of implementing an automated chat bot that would appear to be distracting the user, asking them to call, etc. in order to make it easier to leave.

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