"Manhattan, NY Local Guide" help adults and give information on kid friendly restaurants and places in and around Manhattan. It provides various information on restaurants based on i. cuisine name ii. meal type - brunch, lunch, dinner, late night or kid friendly place. This skill give detail information about the address, telephone number of the restaurant and also information on various cuisines. Users can choose from the following cuisines :-

  1. American
  2. French
  3. European 4.Seafood
  4. Asian
  5. Mexican
  6. Chinese
  7. Italian
  8. Japanese
  9. Indian
  10. Sushi
  11. Greek
  12. Mediterranean

The users can get a list of fine dining restaurants for brunch, lunch, kid friendly place, dinner and late night.

This Alexa skill give detail information about attractions in the Manhattan area. The distance of the attractions are approximated based on number of miles calculated from Time Square. User can ask :-

  1. Recommend an attraction.
  2. Recommend an attraction within 3 miles.
  3. Go outside. Thanks.
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