Mangrove is a web application for investing in environmentally or socially responsible companies and ETFs. This will allow users to understand that there are alternate options to the stock market and will provide a gateway to the world of investments. Only 13% of all millennials are interested in the stock market as an investment venue; we need to change that by giving them a resource to learn from and a purpose to believe in. Mangrove provides users a way to reconnect with their roots by sustainably and responsibly investing in their futures. Moreover, the web application displays information about the stock market in an effort to educate users, which allows for better decision making and a larger spread of awareness for financial news.


Mangrove forests survive in brackish water and support huge ecosystems with their sturdy and stable roots. The idea behind this project name is that people should be able to simultaneously build their financial roots and support the environment around them.


Alpha Vantage (, amCharts (

Languages Used

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python

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