We have developed IOT device for bee farming that uses storage DCS . Bees play important role in developing biodiversity. They help in pollination and also help in farming. But Bees honey can get affected by temperature and humidity. This causes losses to bees farmers.


So we have developed iot device that monitors temperature, humidity and Co2 levels in bee hives and information gets stored in storage DCS. And farmers can get all information about hives on website. IOT devices are scattered across various regions and decentralized storage service provides good solution. Decentralization for IOT devices helps against security hacks and also provides better uptime time than centralized storage. Hence farmers can get better security and good uptime for their IOT devices . IOT device sends information like temperature and humidty to node js server then server converts this information to text file and uploads to Storage DCS. So by using our IOT device, Bee farmers don’t have to manually check bee hives, also farmers can get email alerts if bee hives has reached critical levels of temperature or humidity . And Storage DCS provides decentralization that helps against security hacks and also provide better uptime.

How we built it

We have used aws sdk library to upload file to Storage DCS. Files from different IOT devices gets uploaded to Storage DCS. Each file contains information about temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. We have used Storage DCS, esp32 microcontroller, dht11 temperature, humidity sensor and CO2 sensor.

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